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Yoga Classes
Here at Balanced Energy Studios we believe in the well being of the whole body, this is why we also offer Hatha Yoga small group classes. Hatha Yoga incorporates breathing, holding poses, and meditation. Regular practice will help calm your mind, create inner peace while strengthening your whole body. Classes consist of warming up in a fluid sun salutation and then practicing a variety of different poses that will target the entire body and then finishing with a few minutes of quiet meditation.  
​Group Reformer Classes
Like all Pilates sessions, group reformer classes build strength and increase flexibility while developing optimal core strength.  The environment of our classes 
is comfortable and inviting.  The pace of 
the classes range from deliberate to moderate,  heightening body awareness and providing a total body workout. Prerequisite:  An introductory, one-on-one session is required before taking a group reformer class.

Private Session
​Private Reformer lessons are a unique and stimulating one-on-one training experience. Each one hour session is individually tailored to help you gain strength, length and endurance without risk of injury. A private session is the perfect time to speak candidly with your instructor in order to address your specific needs in order to get the ultimate results for you. Private sessions are individually scheduled at times that work into your schedule.  Please call 562-315-5556 to schedule
Semi-Private Session
A Semi-Private Reformer session provides the opportunity for you and a friend or loved one to take private sessions together. Every session is personalized and structured to accommodate both of your abilities and fitness goals. As with private lessons, semi-private sessions are individually scheduled at a convenient time for you.  Please call 562-315-5556 to schedule

“Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.” 

Joseph Pilates

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