Wendy, I am a professionally trained and certified Pilates and Yoga instructor. I believe the mind and body work together to achieve the ultimate goal of wellness. Our mission at BALANCED ENERGY STUDIOS is to work with all types of clients in a non-threatening, comfortable atmosphere, catering to the client’s specific needs while training them head-to-toe to reach their personal fitness goals. In Pilates, all movements originate from the center of the body. Our core supports and strengthens the back and vital organs. Pilates is a unique approach to a healthy physique, using the mind to master and control the muscle which requires concentration and focused balanced movements. At Balanced Energy Studios, our classes are an investment in better health for your future.

 Hi! I’m Laurel, and I’m a SoCal transplant who’s practiced Pilates for 10+ years. My background is in the Sciences and, after my move to Los Angeles, I received my Pilates Certificate through Fullerton College (Balanced Body). Pilates is a non-competitive workout that can be done by anybody – with any body – and I hope to teach, and learn from, each and every person that I teach. 

My Pilates focus tends more towards the fundamental aspects of Pilates because I believe a strong foundation sets you up for success as you move through your Pilates journey; however, I also want to bring a smile to your day so you might expect some silly nerd humor to pop up during our time together. When I’m not at the studio, my hobbies include attempting to garden, reading and hunting out book recommendations, and discovering new restaurants. I look forward to meeting you!

 Ann, Yoga, to me, is a practice of self-love and commitment to self-care; yoga is not about achieving a six-pack or perfect figure (although that can be an excellent bonus). Yoga is about uncovering that place of peace in the middle of our often chaotic lives and helping us achieve balance to obtain homeostasis and wellness of mind, body, and spirit. The peace we cultivate through yoga overflows into every crevice of our lives.

I have endured major health issues throughout my life, and yoga has been a significant element in my ability to heal. Even if somedays it was only for a few minutes, I decide to show up to my mat every day for myself and the ones I love. We can not be good for others unless we are good to ourselves. Although my life is far from perfect, I have never been healthier, and I continue to get better with time. I am currently studying Integrated Psychology, and I hope to take my challenging life moments along with my drive for wellness to encourage others through their arduous experiences. My desire to help others through challenging situations is why I decided to become a yoga teacher, and I would love to support you throughout your journey.

 Daryl, Hi there! I am a professionally trained and certified Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gong instructor.  On my wall are impressive framed documents announcing that I am a certified 200hrs AYCE teacher for yoga and as an instructor in multiple disciplines, (like Tai Chi), through the Jian Mei International Academies for Internal Martial Arts. Separately, a lifelong interest in comparative meditation paths has culminated in an active practice teaching mindfulness to wonderful students.

There is nothing more fun and fulfilling than sharing practice and energy with amazing students, and I look forward to every session. I love the outdoors, reading, music, travel, and animals of all kinds. Especially Cooper.

 Cooper, I’m a professionally trained and certified Pilates and Yoga Mascot at Balanced Energy Studios. I believe in decreasing anxiety and promoting the ultimate feeling of well-being. My mission is to greet you when you come in, play hide and seek with your shoes and when I’m really excited, I  jump up and down on all fours. To help decrease anxiety, I will encourage you to pet me often and scratch my belly. To promote a general feeling of well-being, I have a few tricks under my hat besides Down Dog. I speak in both “inside” and “outside” voices, I give High-Fives and of course, I know how to shake. I love to play ball and I will always accept any treats that you bring me (If Wendy doesn’t see them). I have been apart of Balance Energy Studios since it opened and love all of our clients. Welcome!

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