Wendy, I am a professionally trained and certified Pilates and Yoga instructor. I believe the mind and body work together to achieve the ultimate goal of wellness. Our mission at BALANCED ENERGY STUDIOS is to work with all types of clients in a non-threatening, comfortable atmosphere, catering to the client’s specific needs while training them head-to-toe to reach their personal fitness goals. In Pilates, all movements originate from the center of the body. Our core supports and strengthens the back and vital organs. Pilates is a unique approach to a healthy physique, using the mind to master and control the muscle which requires concentration and focused balanced movements. At Balanced Energy Studios, our classes are an investment in better health for your future.

 Lilly, I’m a SoCal native and I live an active “on-the-move” lifestyle. I enjoy the outdoors and I try to combine as much fun into my fitness as possible. My journey to Pilates is a commonly seen story in most any studio today: I had a desire to improve my health and reclaim my youthful shape. When the gym didn’t seem to give me the desired result, I turned to Pilates. I was hooked from my very first class back in 2010. For me, results followed almost immediately, and so I had found my fitness “home”. Since then, my passion for integrating Pilates into my life has grown into a deep desire to share this gift of a strong core and flexible body with others who may be like me. I have been a certified Pilates instructor since 2013. My classes are BASI based, primarily Reformer work with mat integration for a full-body sculpting workout.

 Hi! I’m Laurel, and I’m a SoCal transplant who’s practiced Pilates for 10+ years. My background is in the Sciences and, after my move to Los Angeles, I received my Pilates Certificate through Fullerton College (Balanced Body). Pilates is a non-competitive workout that can be done by anybody – with any body – and I hope to teach, and learn from, each and every person that I teach. 

My Pilates focus tends more towards the fundamental aspects of Pilates because I believe a strong foundation sets you up for success as you move through your Pilates journey; however, I also want to bring a smile to your day so you might expect some silly nerd humor to pop up during our time together. When I’m not at the studio, my hobbies include attempting to garden, reading and hunting out book recommendations, and discovering new restaurants. I look forward to meeting you!

 Rowann, I came to yoga five years ago, searching for whole body rehabilitation when Western medicine had failed me. After years of suffering from lifelong side effects of childhood cancer, surviving traumatic life events and resigning myself to a life of chronic pain, depression and crippling anxiety, I was desperate for relief.
Starting with therapeutic and healing classes, I discovered to manage my body, I must manage my mind. However difficult it was to control the negative thought patterns and continue to practice yoga through the pain and fatigue, I knew if I didn’t give up, I would experience the healing benefits that have transformed so many lives.
What I didn’t anticipate was just how much yoga would alter the trajectory of my life—Mind, Body and Spirit. By cultivating a relationship with oneself and bringing awareness to the body I was able to experience, first hand, unprecedented healing. Finding power from my suffering, I’m now focused on complete holistic health. Incorporating ancient teachings with new science to give students the opportunity for a life undefined. Undefined by their health, undefined by their circumstances.

Certifications include:

  • Anahata Yoga & Wellness – Yoga Teacher Training
  • Anahata Yoga & Wellness – Advanced Teacher Training
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Pranic Healing and Advanced Pranic Healing
  • Pranic Psychotherapy

Beginning in 2020, I will be starting Kundalini Training and Sound Healing. I continue to ignite my passions of healing and community, incorporating sound, oils, massage, crystals and many other ancient practices into my classes and daily life.
In addition, I public advocate for trauma, abuse, and cancer survivors to create a conscious community to affect lasting change.

“When you truly heal, your history becomes the story that sets you free.”

 Sherri, R.Y.T., it was about 18 years ago when I began practicing yoga, although I had slowly slipped way from it. Five years ago, a series of events altered my life and redirected my journey, yoga once again found me, giving me the strength and encouragement to move positively forward.

Yoga is empowering and forgiving. Among its many attributes, these two are my favorite. I continue to learn and grow as I practice and teach yoga. I very much look forward to helping others open themselves up to receive the wonderful gifts, both physical and spiritual, that yoga has to offer.


 Ivan, I’m a Whittier native and have been active in the community my whole live. I am the youngest in my family and love them dearly. I enjoy exercising, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, hiking, reading, meditating, spending time with my family, friends and my girlfriend. I am currently a 500 R.Y.T yoga teacher and have been teaching for two years. In the beginning I found that I loved practicing yoga and in two years I became a certified yoga instructor. I enjoy every minute of it.

Additionally, I am also a reiki and sound healing practitioner. I am currently teaching the beginners yoga and gentle yoga with guided meditation classes.

 Cooper, I’m a professionally trained and certified Pilates and Yoga Mascot at Balanced Energy Studios. I believe in decreasing anxiety and promoting the ultimate feeling of well-being. My mission is to greet you when you come in, play hide and seek with your shoes and when I’m really excited, I  jump up and down on all fours. To help decrease anxiety, I will encourage you to pet me often and scratch my belly. To promote a general feeling of well-being, I have a few tricks under my hat besides Down Dog. I speak in both “inside” and “outside” voices, I give High-Fives and of course, I know how to shake. I love to play ball and I will always accept any treats that you bring me (If Wendy doesn’t see them). I have been apart of Balance Energy Studios since it opened and love all of our clients. Welcome!

15334 Whittier Boulevard

Whittier, California 90603

Studio: 562.315.5556

Cell: 562.743.8127